Hugo research log

Part 1

Two day ago, I answered an ad for “brave adventurer”, I thought it would be a good chance to field test my modification to my HUD and interface feeds. At Finnegan’s tavern, I met a couple of other researchers from the University, one was an Eerie Medic student called Dameris and her friend Drugah a physicist who seems to move object with a localized gravity. Also at the table was a Brute called Johnah who seems favor bashing thing with large hammer or shooting people with a heavy crossbow. The last member at the table was Luselm, I specialist in the black market, that I have used in the past for “special materials”. As we sit waiting for our employer, who no one had ever met, we were approached by large red haired Brute with a lisp (I believe that a minor therapy would fix that) and a small man with a Clockwork Canary that runs on little gear but seem to release an oil substance when touched. After a few moment of small talk, we were alerted to a disturbance outside. I was about to have the bartender contact the Peace Keeper. When one of them burst through the door began fire on the bar.

Johnah fired his crossbow at it and Drugah sent a mug of beer hurling at it. Both attacks were ineffective as it defensive ring of blades were active. Luselm managed to sneak up on it and slip a dagger in to its core processor and Johnah put a crossbow bolt in it skull which incapable it and allow me to investigate the malfunction machine. I turned on my wireless interceptor and was able to directly interface with core feed from the local hub—it appeared be infected a recursive neo-arch double crypt worm code. Just as I finish my analysis, a patron burst through the door yelling that another one of the Peace Keeper were attacking people outside. The “brave adventurers “charged out and managed to disable the rabid Peace Keeper. I also analyze it and it had the worm code running in it. I surmised that the core feed from the local hub was being corrupted by something. I asked Luselm if she knew a quick way to the local hub. Luselm lead the group through several back alleys and up and down stair and service lift until even with my full recall, I was lost. When I confront her about being lost, she pulled a switch and there was the hub and 3 more rabid Peace Keeper. One of the local merchant that Dameris had saved volunteered to distract the 3 Peace Keepers so I could get to the hub and analyzed it. When I round the corner, I noticed an Aeon Priest attempting the shut the hub down, but as I watch it appeared that the Aeon Priest was being also infected with the worm, so I attempted to reset his connection. Infected Aeon Priest attacked the group and we had to forcefully cut his connection, unfortunately this caused him serious brain damage and it was decide that he could not live in this state. Once the Aeon Priest was unhooked, I was able to trigger the anti-worm problem that cleaned the system reset all of the Peace Keepers. The Order of Truth was so happy with us. We receive some shin and a cipher. Mine was spray-on nano armor, so I went back to the lab and began studies the cipher and compile the information the rogue peace keepers and a corrupt Aeon Priest.



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