Book of the Dead


I am in the city of QI, what a strange place. I find myself in the bar “Finnagins” with my childhood friend Drugah Voss. It has been a long time since I have seen him, is it luck? Fate? Who knows. I feel that something will happen. When? “No I don’t know where your family is” Damn the voices of the dead. Sometimes I can not control when I hear them.

There are others here with us, Hugo Hall, The Hammer, and Luselm. We seem to be here to get a job, things have gone fast since I left the school.

Two people walk in, one who can not seem to make a coherent sentence and another who seems to have a lot of clockwork items.

Next thing you know the cities Peace Keeper are going crazy, killing people. After the initial combat we head to find the source. Luselm is able to lead us to the network hub that is the reason for all of the chaos.

Some strange little boy is doing it, I wonder if he will give in to the energies I control. The short answer is no.

We are able to stop the boy, and save some lives. I still cant see what my cousins Vexor Mallus and Jake Denon enjoy about being a hero.

The priests thank us for the help. Just like most of the people they show up afterword and take the credit. Oh well time to rest and let myself heal. Tomorrow will be a better day.



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