Le Temple De Frogue

image.jpgLe Temple De Frogue, located in the Caecilian Jungle.

Here, at last, lies the thing I have been searching for all of these years. Others scoffed, sure. Still others questioned my sanity. Because that is what one does when placed next to brilliance. In coming up short, they must regain their status by what they tell themselves about me. It all comes back to me, clearly, just as it came back to me to do what was asked of me.

The gods never talked to me, not a one of them, not even when I was little and needed someone to tell me that I was acceptable, not a monster, not a hideous, horrendous thing that deserved to be stuffed deep into the mud and muck. No.

Here, among my own kind, resting at the feet of my own image, surrounded by my own self, I am at home. I deserve the mud and muck, surely, but only because the mud is reverence, the muck is godlike, because this is perfection and I wear its blessing.

~The Frog King

Le Temple De Frogue

Numenera angelus