People in the Ninth World have no concept of gold, silver, gemstones, or even diamonds as being valuable due to their scarcity. Such materials are valuable based on their beauty or usefulness alone.

Most civilized societies use generic coins commonly referred to as shins.

Shins are usually metal but can be made of glass, plastic, or substances that have no name. Some are jagged bits of interesting material or small, coinlike objects (such as highly decorative buttons from a machine), and others are properly minted and stamped, with writing and images.

No minted coin in existence today comes from a prior world—no coins survive from the ancient races, if indeed they used such currency at all.

Some regions of the Ninth World accept only coins that were minted in that realm; others accept all coins, regardless of origin. This custom varies from place to place and society to society.

Because shins are from the Ninth World, they rarely turn up in old locations.


Numenera angelus