A Mutant Jack Who Employs Magnetism


XP __

XP Spent:

4 (Moving Toward Perfection: You add 1 to your Might Edge, your Speed Edge, or your Intellect Edge: +1 Intellect Edge)

SPEED POOL 9* (12) \ EDGE 1

ARMOR 3 (Heavy)

Might cost per hour 1* (3)

Speed Pool reduction 3* (5)

*includes practiced in armor trick.

Trained in Speed Defense.


Windslice Blade (Artifact)

Level: 6

Form: medium-length (Bastardsword)
DMG: 5

Magnetic Master: the user can move or manipulate the object anywhere within short range (each movement, attack, or manipulation is an action).


Numenera (trained)


Flex Skill: At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill you’re already trained in to become specialized.

Cypher Use: You can bear two cyphers at a time.

Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons: You can use light and medium weapons without penalty.
If you wield a heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step.


• Practiced in Armor: Jacks can wear armor for reasonable periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor.
You reduce the Might cost per hour for wearing armor and the Speed Pool reduction for wearing armor by 2. Enabler.

• Skill With Defense: Choose one type of defense task in which you are not already trained: Might, Speed, or Intellect. You are trained in defense tasks of that type. Speed Defense.



Magnetic flesh: You attract or repel metal when you desire.
Not only do small metal objects cling to you, but this mutation is an asset in tasks involving climbing on metal or keeping your grip on a metal item.

This mutation is an asset to Speed defense tasks when being attacked by a metal foe or a foe with a metal weapon. Enabler.

EM Pulse
Disruptive field (electronics) (2 Intellect points): When you wish it, you disrupt devices and automatons within immediate range (no roll needed).
All devices operate as if they were 3 levels lower while in range of your field. Devices reduced to level 0 or below do not function.
Also, devices and automatons have the difficulty for all tasks increased by one step.


Horrific precognition: You are sometimes (usually once a day) afflicted by random visions of the future where you or others within immediate range are hurt, killed, or otherwise harmed. You never gain valuable information, but for one minute, the shock increases the difficulty of all tasks by one step.



Tier 1: Move Metal (1 Intellect point). You can exert force on metal objects within short range for one round.

Once activated, your power has an effective:
Might Pool of 10,
Might Edge of 1,
Effort of 2,
(approximately equal to the strength of a fit, capable, adult human), and you can use it to move metal objects, push against metal objects, and so on.
For example, in your round, you could lift and pull a light metal object anywhere within range to yourself or move a heavy object (like a piece of furniture) about 10 feet (3 m).

This power lacks the fine control to wield a weapon or move objects with much speed, so in most situations, it’s not a means of attack.
You can’t use this ability on your own body.

Minor Effect
The duration of the effect is doubled.

Major Effect
An important item on the target’s person is destroyed.

Connection: Luselm (Anna) and I worked together in the past, and the job ended badly. I was caught, but never ratted her out.


Magnetic Attack Drill X2
Level: 6

Usable: Small sphere with a thick screw protrusion

Effect: The user throws this cypher at a target within short range, and it drills into the target for one round, inflicting damage equal to the cypher level.
If the target is made of metal or wearing metal (such as armor), the difficulty of the attack is decreased by one step.


Magnetic Master
Level: 6
Form: Gloves with metal plates

Effect: Establishes a connection with one metal object within short range that a human could hold in one hand.
After this connection is established, the user can move or manipulate the object anywhere within short range (each movement, attack, or manipulation is an action).
For example, the user could wield a weapon or drag a helm affixed to a foe’s head to and fro.
The connection lasts for ten rounds.

Depletion: —

Windslice Blade
Level: 6
Form: A medium-length sword (Bastardsword)
Effect: This sword is made from a material so durable and dense that the edge is sharper and lasts far longer than Ninth World smithing techniques could ever manage with steel.

The blade inflicts 1 additional point of damage.
Its name comes from the idea that it can slice even the wind in half.

Depletion: —

Oddity: Two magnets that become one hundred times heavier when put together.


Street clothes, Heavy armor (fullplate), explorer’s pack, a pack of light tools.

Shins: ___


Born Lucky

His ancestors were part of a genetic experiment, and his genes are superior to those of the average human. Pulse is smarter, stronger, more dexterous, and able to learn mental and physical skills more quickly. Pulse is a mutant with psychic abilities that augment his physical nature; it guides and enhances his attacks with Magnetokinesis. He easily uses his natural mutation in his brain to control magnetic fields on a molecular level to resist blows and inflict harm.

Advancement: Pulse must continue to train and study. Practice is the key—it just comes easier for him than it does for others. When he improves, it’s because he has honed his natural abilities or unlocked heretofore unknown genetic traits.

History: Pulse is a child of the streets of Qi. His parents died in an automaton incident at the factory in his late teens. Since then, Pulse did jobs for the underworld leader Dracogen.
Yet, his rebellious streak was tough to squash for to long. Pulse had infiltrated a control hub causing shutdown of peace keeper automatons and erasing much information through the data sphere of Qi. Pulse was arrested, after putting up a great fight, and was supposed to be locked up for a long time.

Until, one day he was given an offer he couldn’t refuse…


Numenera angelus