Underworld Leader of Qi


People call him Dracogen, but it’s certainly not his real name.

A charismatic, but unrefined human with a left eye of metal and glass, he came to Qi twenty years ago at the head of a caravan and established his home in a part of the underworld that the locals claimed was haunted. If it was, he’s shown no sign of it; he prospers and thrives there, using his store of mysterious wealth and technology to help fund the exploits of desperate explorers.

But his help comes with a price.


Dracogen is obsessed with the wonders of the old worlds, and after a successful expedition, that he has hired, he examines all numenera they discovered along the way. Many explorers simply do not trust the Aeon Priests.

He owns an extraordinary—perhaps unique—machine that can scan any artifact or cypher and determine its function. Unfortunately for those who do business with him, Dracogen may keep any remnant that he prefers, and sometimes he asks for an item simply because it catches his eye and he can’t bear to part with it. Thus, when explorers report back to their patron, they never know if he will take one piece of their numenera, or several, or perhaps all of them.

Regardless, most people bite their tongues because they want to stay on his good side; the promise of future funding is a lure few can refuse. If Dracogen discovers that he’s been cheated—and somehow, he always knows—his kind demeanor gives way to a wrath that is subtle and terrible. This is the story that people know.

The Dracogen acts as one of the leaders of the underworld in the city of Qi and many others, using the numenera brought back to harry his enemies or keep fractious politicians in line. The Dracogen has solidified his base of power in Qi, but his desires extend far beyond the world’s paltry riches. He has greater plans that few will ever know.


Numenera angelus