Aeon Priests typically wear hooded robes and a heavy medallion bearing their eyelike symbol.


Both male and female Aeon Priests typically wear hooded robes and a heavy medallion bearing their eyelike symbol.

Interaction: Much of the time, Aeon Priests are preoccupied with their studies and work. Most people consider them aloof to the point of rudeness.
However, the priests are usually willing to share some of their knowledge either for a price (usually in exchange for the completion of a task) or because the question at hand is so intriguing.

Use: Aeon Priests are fonts of numenera knowledge.
They are interested not in the details of past culture or history but only in science.
They can identify cyphers and artifacts and will purchase unwanted items from adventurers/explorers.

Combat: Aeon Priests often have technological enhancements and devices that aid in defense, if not offense. They rarely attack with conventional weapons but instead use ray emitters, detonations, and so forth.
Like nanos, many have esoteric abilities.


A Member of the Order of Truth.

Some Aeon Priests do not answer to the papacy and consider themselves outside the Order of Truth. This is a confusing bit of esoterica that most people do not understand. These nonaffiliated priests dwell mainly in the Beyond, gathering in isolated, autonomous claves to continue their research and work. They have no relationship with the order or even with one another, but they keep the Aeon Priest title because they respect the ideals of the priesthood, if not the direction that the organization has taken.

Around these claves, small villages and communities known as aldeia have arisen. Each clave has discovered and mastered various bits of the numenera, giving every aldeia a distinct identity.
In one, the inhabitants might raise unique bioengineered beasts for food.
In another, people may pilot gravity-defying gliders and race along the rooftops of ancient ruins.
In still another aldeia, the priests of the clave may have developed the means to stop the aging process almost entirely, making the residents nearly immortal, and some are no doubt willing to sell the secret—for a staggering price.
Because the aldeia are remote and separated by dangerous distances, trade of these discoveries is occasional and haphazard.
But not every village or tribe in the Beyond has a clave to help guide them amid the dangers of the past…


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