The crystal kingdom

A week has gone by and I’ve been at the university working on building my portable workshop. I feel bored with the downtime and dealing with these people that are clueless about the outside world. How can they mentor me, when I know more about the outside than they do? All I get is more and more aggravated answering the same questions about the underworld or being lectured about this or that! At least with my comrades, I don’t have to deal with bs from the university!

I get a message to meet up with Hugo and am glad to not have to “babysit” these damned newbies who also tend to aggravate me. I know I had started out like them, but these new people are just so completely clueless. Luselm informs us that the Dracogen has a job for us that would also settle whatever debts that Luselm has to him. She informs us that a crystal platform will appear and it only appears every 50 years to retrieve crystal artifacts. A boat will be provided for us to get to the crystal bridge. It’s 50 miles from the sea and 3,000 feet in the air. This bridge floats in the air. Jonah also informs us that he needs to find his friend Reese “The Reaper” Rollins. Luselm does a search and finds that Reese “The Reaper” Rollins is being held by Dracogen for owing 250,000 shins due to gambling debts. The Dracogen tells Luselm that he’ll free Reese “The Reaper” Rollins if we do another mission for him.

We meet up at a warehouse where I’m given a brain bud that makes me feel much more powerful with my abilities. We’re informed by Reese “The Reaper” Rollins that there are other groups that are also heading out to find this bridge. Jake Denon gives us some advice on how to deal with the other groups that are heading there.We hop on our skiff and head out to the sea.

I decide to drink of some ambrosia that Dameris provides to us. It’s the best drink that I’ve ever tasted in my life. I wish to find a way to procure some more.

We get to the area and engage our jetpacks. We see a large crystal palace with many colors. We see a bunch of statues that are made of crystal and a fountain that is of crystal. We see the paratroopers firing on the glider people and the paratroopers are demolishing the glider people. We decide to head to the building with haste this way the paratroopers won’t be able to fly or flank us. I search around and find a crystal glow globe and it shrinks into my hand and I put it in my pack (power source).

We enter in room full of mirrors and I notice that there’s some sort of shadowy thing going from mirror to mirror to mirror. We see some doors on the other side of the room and decide to run to the doors. I’m thinking we should’ve gone back to the 2nd floor and let this thing make mincemeat of the paratroopers, but Jonah decided to run through so we don’t want to leave him behind and the rest of us follow him. The creature takes a nasty bite out of Jonah and we decide to keep running to the doors on the opposite end. Except Hugo who revved up his chain sword to attack one of the mirrors. He shatters the mirror, but has no effect. As he’s running in to the room, he gets shot by one of the paratroopers that shoots some sort of net. We are able to find 8 cyphers. Hugo tries to jack in to the terminal, but gets pretty messed up while trying to do his thing with the terminal. I decide to use one of the mirrors to reflect some of the light on it. It hurt it pretty badly. Jonah gets mauled again by it, causing his hammer to go flying away from him. Jake Denon throws Jonah towards us to get him out of danger. Unfortunately, Jake Denon gets bit by it. I hit the creature again with the light and it dissipates. I want to take out the paratroopers, but the rest decide to head back to the skiff. So we head back to the skiff using our jetpacks.

Instead of trying to sink the paratrooper’s skiff, we decide to help one of the other skiffs back to the city port. We’re cleared through by port security and head back to the warehouse and give them the crystals that we had collected.



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