The beginning

My comrades and I decided to meet up at this tavern called Finnegan’s. It was a very boisterous place with an individual who was able to weave music using a pair of gloves. I find Dameris intriguing due to the fact that for some reason sometimes my powers are either increased or don’t work around her. I wonder if it’s because of the dark aura that surrounds her. While we’re sitting there, an individual makes a claim that we’re sitting at his table and I find myself trying to control the anger that is welling up inside.

That has been a problem for me all my life; to suppress the pure rage and harness it to make my powers even more powerful. growing up, I had heard tales of an individual who wore all black and wielded a blade of pure energy that was red and how he had mysterious powers. Hearing his tales has made me realize how bad it would be if I did give in to my rage. But looking around and seeing how the nobility and the mayor live and the way the system is makes me desire more power to end their corruption and show them the true meaning of power.

But I digress in my thoughts. Another individual is with the burly individual and he informs us that he is looking to possibly hire us, but before he can finish, there’s utter chaos outside as some of the bots have started going around slaughtering people. One bot enters into the bar and I’m just not able to find a strong enough object to hurl at it to break through its defensive barrier. Thankfully that bot eventually goes down, but there’s more outside. We head outside and there’s yet another bot. This time I use one of the street poles to give it a good, solid hit. Eventually that one goes down as well. Hugo tells us that the source of all this is coming from a node of some sort and we decide to make our way there. Luselm shows us quicker routes through the city to get to the node. Upon arrival, Dameris sends some thing that’s not entirely human towards the bots guarding the area to distract them. When we get to the node, there’s some kid wearing aeon priest robes but had weird red lights coming out of his orifices. Hugo puts his hands on the kid’s head and sends some electrical energy through him and I follow up by hurling a brick at his head. Eventually Hugo finds a weakness and disconnects the kid from this cable that was going into his head. The kid begged for a quick death and seemed different than before. Jonah gives him the merciful death that he asked for.

Hugo informed us that he can tell that there was some sort of virus that was being streamed through the cable…



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