The adventure continues

We met with the Aeon priest since he had summoned each of us individually, but we all got to him at the same time. He informed us that they found out that the source of the virus was coming from a point in the undercut. He informed us that the mayor’s plan was to just blow the undercut up and get rid of the problem. Unfortunately that would take out the rest of Qi except for those that live in the dirigibles, since the city is built upon the undercut. The plan is to go down there and destroy the access point using a disk that the Aeon priest gave us. He also asks us to locate this town to set up some form of diplomatic relations as well while we’re down there. The priest informs us that the undercut is mostly going to be out to get us and that they’ve sent multiple teams down there and none have returned.

We head down there with Vexor, who’s Dameris’s cousin. We hop in to a flying craft of some sort and on the way down, the ship is almost destroyed by a nano cloud. Thanks to some quick thinking by myself and the assistance of Hug, we’re able to save ourselves from being killed by the nano cloud. Unfortunately, the crash veered us way off track, but the town is now closer to us than the access point. We had planned on going to the town first and speak with them to also see if we can get assistance from them. On the way to the town, we’re attacked by a bunch of automatons. I had guessed, unfortunately correctly, that they used parts of the various teams that had been sent down previously.

We eventually make it to the town and we speak with the mayor. I inform him of what we’re doing down there and that we were seeking him as well. I let him know that if we fail the mission, the mayor will blow up the whole area, but that it was the Aeon priest who was keeping him at bay. The mayor decides to help us if we can scout ahead for them and find an area where they can move the town to.

We head out and try to sneak up on a pair of automatons, but some members of our group make too much noise and are attacked. We destroy the automatons and discover a vast area of destroyed equipment. I can only imagine what numenera might be in there!!! Unfortunately there’s no time to search since we have only 2 days to complete the mission. The lead scout informs us that we’re good to go and that we should head back to the town. We head back and the mayor gives each of us a jet pack as well as a disk with information for the Aeon priest to communicate with them.

We get to the access point and fight 2 warrior type automatons and 2 that have nano type powers. We eventually destroy them and hop an elevator that brings us up to the top. We come upon something so utterly bizarre! There’s more automatons and some of them fleshy. The head automation wields a large sword and a battle ensues. I ask Hugo to try and find where to put the disk in to shut down the access point. He eventually finds out that it’s inside of the sword. I try and smack the sword out of its hand with a large piece of stone but no luck. It then blasts me and blows my arm clean off. Hugo loads the disk in to the automaton’s arm and now it’s a race against the clock to shut it down before it self destructs. We succeed in stopping it from self destructing and escape and get to the rendezvous point where we are picked up and brought up.



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