Send the pain below

Hugo received a numenera device and he asks for my assistance to help him identify what it is. It appears to have some psychic focus to it. The students sit in amazement at the discussion between Hugo and I. I could care less if these students are able to keep up with the dialogue. If they are unable to understand, then they shouldn’t be in my presence. It’s so hard to have patience like my mentor has tried to ask me to have. The only good thing about the school is the access I have to identify numenera. Other than that, I find that I am starting to loathe this place.

While Hugo and I are talking, suddenly we’re attacked by some blind individuals with swords. I first try and help Hugo by pushing one of the individuals into the others but Hugo still gets hit. I decide to take matters in my own hand and start hurling objects until I hit one good enough that sends him out the window. Unfortunately, Hugo is too slow to dodge out of the way and gets sent out the window too.

We go and see Dracogen and he informs us that there’s one more mission for us to do to for Luselm to be freed from his service. He wants us to retrieve a device for him. I decide to go and work on some tinkering.

The next day we head out to do the mission.There’s a new person in the group who keeps talking about this Sherema, whatever that is. Just what we need, a religious fanatic. Dracogen wants us to head to the lower wards to go and retrieve the item for him.

We get to the warehouse and give the code word of “Russell.” The guards step back and the doors open. Russell informs us that the Revitalizer is somewhere else. There was a cave in and the guy who had it was killed by some “bugs.” Thankfully Jake Denon joined us since Jonah isn’t with us.We head to the caves and as we’re going the new member lights our way. We suddenly start hearing bugs making noises.Suddenly we make hard contact with one of the bugs. we’re all missing the bug horribly and then a second bug jumps down and spears the new guy. We finally kill these bugs off and find an area where there’s dead bodies. We continue on find dead bugs all over the place. We find the room with blue circles and enter in the circles and see an opened door and head to the door. We notice that there are scratch marks on the doorway resembling the damned bugs scratch marks. Unfortunately this door attacks me mentally and it hurts bad. We enter the room and it’s light up like a night sky. I feel something batter against my will.

Inside the room is some sort of creature that just shouldn’t be. It knocks down Jake Denon and Dameris The Immortal. This creature is very hard to hit unfortunately. We finally eventually injure the creature bad enough that it self destructed itself. The pain, oh the pain. I see my flesh had flaked off.



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