Hugo research log part 3

Part 3

So it has been a week since my adventure to the undercity, I have manage to repair the structural component of my leg but the muscle and sythskin is a slower process. Right now I have resorted to wearing long pants and boots to cover the cosmetic damage (i.e. the exposed steel and grafted muscle and skin patches), that would make Melissa think I am a freak. After my leg was repair, I went to visit Melissa ready to give a loan of shins to help the store stay open. As I walk in the store, I notice she had a lot more products and the fruit seem to be fresher. I asked her how this was possible and she happily told me that an investor had came in to the store and offer to pay off her debts and get new products. I caution her that her investor might have altered motives, but she assures me that “he is a nice man that just wants to help” and I look into her eyes and immediately drop the subject. I go next door get lunch for both of us and talk about how it would be great if she could go back to college for Business. Over the next couple of days, I keep an eye out for any stranger come in or go from her store but this mysterious investor does not seem to show himself. Maybe Luselm may know who the investor is; she does seem to have a knack at find information and things. I have not heard from her in a couple of weeks but I get the feeling that she is always around.

Today, I took Melissa out to lunch at the café down the street and she told me that the investor is going to pay for her to go back to the University; I have got to find out who this guy is. I go down to Luselm favorite alley and leave our customary signal that I need to meet with her, now all I have to do is wait for her to find me, so I go back to my university lab and continue working on my repair spider bot. Sure enough Luselm show up to my lab, looking like a student (I sure hope the student just lost clothes and nothing else), before I can tell her about my “investor problem” she tell me about a job. The job is to go to a crystal platform that only appears every 50 years and gather as much numenera as possible, this job push “my investor problem” out of my mind.

I contact the rest of the group via the ether node and had them gather in my lab, once they all gather she explain that she was working with Dracogen and he is willing to provide us items in exchange for us return the crystal numenera to him. Johnah also need Luselm to a family friend of his name Reese Rollins. Dracogen has imprisoned Reese for gambling debts or cheating the Mafia, in exchange for Reese freedom we owe Dracogen another favor (that he will ask after we come back from crystal platform). Luselm led us down the District 2 warehouse, where an agent of Dracogen gave us each a power numenera. Not sure what Luselm, Dameris, and Drugah got but got a chain sword that replaces my forearm blade. After we got the numenera and jetpacks, we continue to the district 2 dock, where met another cousin of Dameris call Jack Denon who fill us in on group that are going to crystal platform. One group are five researchers in glider jumpsuit, one group are five jetpack mercenaries that look mean, and Jack is also going to the platform. The Dracogen has paid for our passage on hover stiff. It is the same stiff that Jack is on; Jack and our group do a toast with a type of liquor that I have never tasted before. The liquor both tasted great and smell great. After about a half hour, we arrived at the crystal platform, we watched researcher get shot out of a large cannon and glide onto the platform and the mercenaries fired up their jetpack and land on the a corner of the platform. Jack Devon turns on his antigravity device and flew to another area, and then it was our groups turn to kick on the jetpack and land in the garden of castle courtyard. We discussed removing the jetpack and hiding them but reconsider based on that the researcher and mercenaries might steal them or we might need to make a quick exit. As we head toward the castle antechamber, we heard fight behind us – the mercenary were slaughtering the researchers. In the antechamber, we searched left and right room and I found a crystal cup, crystal rose, and crystal pen. Johnah and Luselm found similar items but Dameris and Drugah found bigger and more powerful crystal items. We then head into a large room filled with mirror and huge skylight. As we walked through the room a shadowy creature leap out at the group, I thought it might be tie to the mirror so I began to shatter the mirrors with the chain sword. The breaking of the mirror just pissed off the shadowy creature. It try to attack me but my enhanced speed allowed me to dodge it attack and head to the door that the rest of the party went through. In the room the far end of the mirror the party found Jake plugging the small crystal card into large crystal hub and transfer information. As I reached the door, one of the mercenaries shoots me with a sharp wired net that sticks me to the far wall. The shadowy creature seems to be intelligent and attacks the mercenary in the room. The mercenary was unable to avoid the attack and the creature rips off his head. The rest of the mercs close the door and lock the door, so we are left to deal with the creature. Drugah and manages reflect the sunlight to destroy the creature, so after Jack removes the crystal card, I decide to see if I could communicate with the crystal computer but the crystal antivirus tried to quarantine my neural hub processor and cause negative feedback loop. Having completed our mission, we decided it would be best to leave before the mercenaries come back and steal our crystal items. Our jetpack having been recharge as we search the room, so we easier were able to make it to the hover skimmer. We had the captain pick up the one remaining researcher and headed back to docks and then to the warehouse to drop off the crystal items.



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