Hugo research log part 2

Part 2

Today as I was working in my lab at the University, an acolyte of the Aeon Priesthood arrived and requested that I come to the Amber Church. I was lead into a room where I met my new companions who had also been summoned. The Amber Church has a lot of strange machines – chairs that conform and adjust to make us comfortable, lighting that follows us, lifts and tube that transport us at rapid speeds. We met with Aeon Priest named Timerius, who showed us a feed of the undercity where machines were building a cable to the upper city. Timerius seems to think that these machines are the cause the worm-code that infected the Aeon Priest that we stopped a couple of days ago. Timerius want us to go down to the undercity and destroy the computer that is controlling the all of the machines and also contact a group of enhanced humans who have compound in the undercity. If we fail the Mayor want to bomb the undercity, which may cause the city above to collapse killing everyone that isn’t floating in the balloon above. I can’t allow this happen because Melissa’s store will be destroyed.

The Aeon Priest introduced us to a cousin of Dameris called Vexor who wield a wooden sword lead us to down to a platform where we were surrounded by a bubble and whisk away to the landing platform for a large flying craft that will take us down to the undercity. After being security in by a lap belt, we lifted off and headed toward the undercity. During the flight to the undercity the pilot flew through an Iron Wind that dissolves the front of the craft with the pilots. I was focus to interface and guide the plane down, unfortunately the wind also had started to eat the engines and tail, so Drugah suggested we shutdown the engine and glide near a building and jump off. We all jump off and allowed the craft to crash into a nearby building, my superior structure allow me to take cosmetic damage. We descended the stair and began head toward the enhanced human compound, when we were attack by robot with swords and energy weapons. Vexor and Johnah dispatched the sword wielding robots while Dameris, Drugah and I destroyed the energy weapon robots. We finally made it to the compound where realized that the compound is movable because it is on anti-gravity unit (building, wall, everything) and also have embraced the use of science to enhance their body (everyone has numerera embedded in them, it is so great to be around people who are not afraid of enhancements). In exchange for help us, providing jet packs and agreeing to the link between the Aeon Priest, we must scout out 10 mile west so they can move their compound. The compound leader provide me with a spider bot that aids in repairing me, I took detailed photo of the spider bot so I can reproduce it. We teamed up with their head scout “scout master”, he was so anti-numerera I wonder why he keeps working with the compound and doesn’t just go off and die in a hole. On the way west we stumbled upon two heavy machines scaverage for materials, we were able to defeat them and finished scouting. We returned to the compound and gave them the news and were able to get a little rest before setting out to take out the computer.

We followed the map updated by leader of the compound and easily stealth into the main complex. We ran a crossed a few guard but quickly dispatched them. When we arrived at the correct level, the door open to room that I would expect to see in the aerial city above Qi, the room was layout a banquet hall with robot servant preparing and serving food (it was rotten because robot don’t eat). The head robot was dressed in light sheet of bedding with scandal and carried a one hand electric powered sword. His guards were two large robot cats and two electrified bodyguard. Johnah generated force hammer and attacked one of the robot and Vexor attacked the other robot bodyguards with easy. Johnah crushed his foe but managed to damage his jet pack in the fight. While Vexor dismembered his foe but lost his sword. Drugah attacked the one of the cats with use anti-gravity and broken columns. Dameris managed to get the two serving robots to attack the cat on him with trays and bowls (I must be caution around her as her power of persuasion seem to work equally well on human and robots). During the first few minutes of the battle, I scanned the room using my HUD for an access port to upload the shutdown code into the hub. My scan lead me to realize that head robot was wireless connect to the hub, I would need to upload the code using his connection. I told the party that I need to get close to head robot so they need to distract him, Drugah chucked a heavy column at him and was reward by being hit by a laser blast from the sword ripped his left arm clean off (when we get by to the university I will start working on a compound to regenerate that limb). I took this opportunity to leap on his shoulders and try to load the shutdown code into his arm. I shorted the leap and his blade field managed to cut through synth-skin and complete removed my right leg at the knee, but I did start the upload of the code. The head robot try to slow the upload but found it hard to “fight a war on two fronts” as spend the next several minute rewire his circuits. Once the upload was complete, the head robot lost control of the other robots and Johnah crush him with his force hammer. I work have like to have take the robot head back to the lab for study but was afraid that the worm code spread to upper city if I connect the head to anything in the lab. Drugah managed to fix Johnah jet pack and I grab my leg and flew from the window of the tower. Over the next day, we made our stand at the extract point and manage to hold out until the Aeon Priest craft arrived and took to the temple.



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