3 Book of the Dead

After the past few weeks I need a break. Time for a home visit, although it can be more stressful than adventuring. Upon arriving home what do I find, my cousins playing grab ass with each other. They call it practice. Mom no where to be found, out adventuring again. Oh well lets see how this plays out. Seems Vex has “guard duty”. What that means is guarding the body of some noble woman. Jake was out in the wilds and has to report his findings.

After a interesting conversation with Jake he lets me try “the food of the Gods”. Damn he was correct it is really from the Gods. He smiles that knowing smile as says he will see me later.

I head back to the university to continue studying what effects my blood has on other living and recently deceased creatures when I get a call from Hugo. Seems Luselm has shown back up and needs some help. This might be a good opportunity to study the group some more. They are a strange lot but fate has brought them together.

Hammer shows up saying something about looking for his friend and he wants help to. Luselm steps away and comes back saying that her contacts have hammers friend and will release him to accompany us on this mission.

We head to some warehouse and get Reese out of his captivity. The same people offer us some mystical items. Normally I would not trust this type of situation but I get the feeling I will need all the help I can get.

Whoa, what the hell, this thing grafts itself onto my neck. I see strange horizons, clouds that are living entities, my mind expanding in a million places, a million times. Damn what a rush.

We head to the docks to embark on this mission to find a crystal castle/thing and bring back numenera to the Dracogen.

There are three other skiffs going to the same place. Look at that, one man going alone. Jake is waiting on the docks. Guess he was correct, we did see each other again. The other two groups belong to the university and the mayor. Although we were no supposed to know that the mayor was interested in the crystal place.

As soon as we arrive we use the jet pacts to fly up to the cryatal entrance. The mayors team opens fire on the group from the school, its a slaughter. I make a mental note to show them the error of their ways, there was no need to kill them. Damn hanging around with heroes too long.

We make our way into the palace and begin collecting items. Shit here comes the mayors team. Hammer says head to that door, so I am off and running. What the hell is that shadow thing attacking my group. I try to hit it with my abilities and miss/hit it. Not sure if i have the ability to hurt it. No I can, there is a reason why lesser mortals call us GODS, and Jake proves it again. We gather what we need and make a hasty retreat. Once back on the skiff I want to use at least one of the fallen from the school to give a little payback but it seems that might be a bad idea, drawing the wrath of a powerful person without a means of removing the threat is not a smart idea.

I will bide my time, I will make him pay. Not for killing innocents but for daring to even have the slightest thought of having someone or something even try to harm me.

Well played for no mister mayor, but I will have retribution.



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