2-Book of the Dead

Oh happy day I get a summons from the conclave. I wonder if they know I brought that man back from the dead. If they do I might have to leave the city very quickly.

I see that everyone has been called. That means only one thing. They need something. What is he doing here? Vexor Mallus. This day keeps getting better. Damn hero’s.

The Aeon Priest Timerius says the boy from last night was a victim. Sure he was little bastard hurt me. He deserved everything he got.

Our Mission:
1. Stop the manchines from completing a connection to a higher level in the undercity. The mayor wants to blow it up but it seems that would kill lots of people.
2. Find a manchine village and make diplomatic relations with whomever runs the town. Hugo Hall will love this. He has to much metal, not enough useful parts.

We take some sort of flying machine well truth be told it was a falling machine down to the undercity. On the way down we hit a nanoswarm. I thought these pilots were supposed to be good. We all land, to understate it. My ward protects me a little but not enough.

After walking down many stairs we head off in the direction we think the town is in. Some sort of robotic creatures jump from the shadows and attack. Damn more metal. I am able to talk to one of the things, it is very confused but I am able to find out that the Hub re-purposed them. They were part of the teams sent down before us. After a small combat we head on.

We arrive at the city after about an hour of walking. Some type of scan happens and the mayor himself comes to talk to us. Once inside I see that the buildings are hovering and the place is clean. No wonder the priests cant locate the city, it moves. The mayor will help us if we do something for him. Yep more hero stuff. Seems two squads of his scouts have went missing and he wants us to scout another escape route.

The scout master leads us west, did i mention how much I hate this place. All metal, not enough meat. We find the way blocked by Automatons. The hammer makes to much noise after Hugo leaks on him. I say we remove the metal from him. It will fix the problem. Anyway a combat ensues.

Once back at the town we rest for the night, then head off to find the Hub. Once there we see that there are way to many for us to handle but the mayor has sent along a gift. A back way in. I wonder how he got the info? We get in through a acid pipe. Once inside we encounter some resistance but overcome it.

We reach the main room. Some metal machine calling itself Legate Terminus along with his backup decide to attack. I see that a few of the servants are recently past and a re still useful, I go and ask that they do my bidding.

Sometime during the combat Drugah Voss loses an arm and the Hammer loses his escape. Hugo figures out what he has to do to stop the machines. My new items are useful in stoping me from being attacked by some sort of golden Lion. Once all is said and done we leave through the window on or flying packs. The hammer falls at the last moment but we were close to the ground and he lives. Too bad I could use him.

Shit we are surrounded by metal, looks like Vex and I will be putting our names to the test. I cant really help but I do what I can. As the flying plane takes us out of the metal mess, I ponder what will happen next. As sleep take me I hear the voices of the dead. Sometimes they can be very beautiful.



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